Marvel Pepsi (Mexico)

Manufacturer: Marvel Entertainment Group 1994

Basic Set: 1-100

1 La Mole (Thing) 26 La Bruja Escarlata (Scarlet Witch) 51 El Nuevo Nova 76 Xavier vs. Magneto
2 El Increíble Hulk 27 Invasores (Invaders) 52 Gambit 77 Exodus
3 Con Gran Poder... (Spider-Man / Peter Parker) 28 Gata Negra (Black Cat) 53 El Nuevo Hulk 78 Bloodhawk
4 Dios Del Trueno (Thor) 29 She-Hulk 54 Fuerza-X (X-Force) 79 Zarathos
5 Hombre Araña (Spider-Man) 30 Elektra 55 Johnny Blaze 80 Conflicto Final (Final Conflict [Mr. Fantastic])
6 Hombre de Acero (Iron Man) 31 Hobgoblin 56 Factor-X 81 Centurious
7 Hulk vs. La Mole (Hulk vs.Thing) 32 El Juicio Del Sr. Fantástico (Trial of Mr. Fantastic) 57 Azul y Dorado (Blue & Gold) 82 Los Seguidores De Thor (The Thor Corps)
8 Buitre vs. Hombre Araña (Vulture vs. Spider-Man) 33 El Disfraz Negro (Black Costume [Spider-Man]) 58 Bishop 83 La Locura de Venom (Venom: The Madness)
9 Dr. Pulpo (Dr. Octopus) 34 Puma vs. Spidey 59 Omega Red vs. Wolverine 84 Extraño (Strange)
10 Xavier 35 Silver Sable Inc. 60 Verdugos de Arañas (Spider Slayers) 85 Legado (Legacy)
11 Vengadores (Avengers) 36 El Hombre De Hielo (Iceman) 61 Hombre Araña 2099 (Spider-Man 2099) 86 Carnage
12 Escorpión vs. Hombre Araña (Scorpion vs. Spider-Man) 37 Enemigos Mortales (Deadly Enemies [Sabretooth & Wolverine]) 62 Hulk Y Los Pantheon 87 Venom
13 Capitán América 38 Nightcrawler 63 Stryfe 88 Demonio-Araña (Spider-Demon)
14 Mujer Invisible (Invisible Woman) 39 Creación Del Arcángel (Creation of Archangel) 64 Doom 2099 89 Shriek
15 La Llegada De Galactus (The Coming of Galactus) 40 Sr. Siniestro (Mr. Sinister) 65 Protector Letal 90 Venom Vive (Venom Lives)
16 Hombre Araña vs. Duende Verde (Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin) 41 La Boda (The Wedding [Spider-Man & Mary Jane]) 66 Punisher 2099 91 Cíclope (Cyclops)
17 Rhino vs. Hombre Araña (Rhino vs. Spider-Man) 42 Júbilo (Jubilee) 67 Duende Verde (Green Goblin) 92 Jean Grey
18 Dr. Doom 43 Guerra De Armaduras (Armor Wars [Iron Man]) 68 Maximum Carnage 93 Bishop
19 Warlock 44 Lápida (Tombstone) 69 Namor 94 Warpath
20 Mephisto 45 Venom 70 Psi-Lord 95 Titania
21 Morbius 46 Cap vs. Cap 71 Hulk 2099 96 Dómino
22 El Original Ghost Rider 47 Quásar 72 Venganza (Vengeance) 97 Boom Boom
23 Thanos 48 Hombre Araña Cósmico (Cosmic Spider-Man) 73 Daredevil 98 Wolverine
24 The Punisher 49 Thanos 74 Wolverine Derrotado 99 Havok
25 Wolverine vs. Hulk 50 El Nuevo Ghost Rider 75 Magneto Regresa 100 Checklist




Comments: There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this hard-to-find set. The regular set is taken from the 1994 Flair Marvel (Inaugural Edition) [American] set. Two big differences between this set and the 1994 Flair Marvel set is that the card stock in the Mexican set is thinner and the " '94 Flair" logo is missing on the upper corner of the card fronts. The prism chase set contains the same artwork as in the regular Powerblast chase cards from the 1994 Marvel Universe set, but with a "prism" finish and different numbering. All text on card backs are written in Spanish and this is called the "Pepsi" set because of the Pepsi logo on all card backs.

What leads to some confusion is that there are two known variants to the prism chase set. I suspect there are also two variations to the basic set and all chase subsets due to different print runs and regional distribution. The variations are as follows:

There is also another set dated 1995 that is identical to the Mexican Pepsi set, except for a different Pepsi logo and 1995 copyright date. These were distributed only in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and is composed of the 100-card basic set and the 9-card prism chase set, but does not contain the 4-card hologram chase set. Look here for an image of all 3. While it is certain that the Puerto Rican set did not contain hologram chase cards, a recent find (Aug. 2003) of the four-hologram chase set with a 1995 copyright date and the same Pepsi logo as found on the Puerto Rican Pepsi set, has led me to believe there is also another identical set distributed in Peru as the chase cards were advertised as being from Peru - this set consisting of the same cards (basic and all chase) as in the Mexican Pepsi set, but with the Pepsi logo identical to that found on the Puerto Rican cards.

Card #s 86-100 are unnumbered in this set and correspond to both the Maximum Carnage and Mutant Genesis subsets from the [American] '94 Flair Marvel set.

The hologram chase cards are similar in artwork to the corresponding card #s from the American set.

The error checklist card #100 appears to have been from early printings. The date text on the card should read "1969-1993", however, the date text on the error card reads "1969-1963". The error was corrected in later printings. The 4-card promo sheet appears to have been distributed as an insert in a comic or magazine due to it's center staple and folded crease. Thanks Carlos!